So it was 4th May 11:30pm IST, I was eagerly waiting for an email from google about Google Summer of Code results. I checked #gsoc on freenode and it seemed like selected students already received an email.

Panik meme

I kept refreshing my emails and…

GSoC Acceptance Email

I had been accepted into Google Summer of Code!

I am really excited to be a part of GSoC with KDE and work on my project this summer and would like to thank my mentors Carl Schwan, Niccolò Venerandi and Alexander Saoutkin for helping me along the way.

About the Project

The project involves improving KDE Web Infrastructure. KDE has a lot of websites and some of them like the main website could use an update.

The first part of the project involves porting to use Hugo- A go based static site generator. is very old and thus contains a lot of pages. This project would involve porting most of the pages to markdown so as to make the website faster and easier to develop.

The second part of the project involves updating Season of KDE website. The goal is to use more modern tooling and add some new features. This project is a part of the transition of KDE websites from LDAP to OAuth based authentication. OAuth is a much more modern approach to authentication and would solve some headaches with the current authentication system.

What have I been upto?

Officially, GSoC’20 coding period starts from June 1. The current time is meant for getting to know the community better and finalize details about the project. So I’ve been doing just that :)

Be it playing Werewolf at KDE Werewolf or discussing the next season of Dark, It has been a fun time interacting with the community.

I also worked a bit on KDE’s new Identity service mykde and managed to fix a few bugs. With one week left in the coding period, I also started working on porting The progress has been a bit slow as the website is using very old HTML and has a lot of pages but I hope I can speed up with time.

I will keep on sharing my progress in future blog posts and hope to have a productive summer ahead! If you would to join in, Say Hi at #kde-www on irc or telegram.