I am thrilled to be a part of Season of KDE 2020. I am working with the KDE Web and Calligra teams to create a new website for the Calligra Suite. The project involves converting the website to jekyll so that it is inline with the rest of the KDE websites.

I got involved with KDE in december 2019 by joining their telegram group. I have been trying to contribute to open source projects since a long time but always found it difficult getting started. KDE dev’s helped me get started. I would especially like to thank my mentor Carl Schwan for guiding me in contributing to KDE.

As mentioned in my previous post, I’ll be documenting my Season of KDE journey in this blog. This is first report for my project.

The following work has been done till now -

  • Implemented Jekyll and Liquid and added config for jekyll
  • Created basic structure for the website
  • Implement developer blog posts using Jekyll Planet
  • Added announcements from old website

The major challenge involved was adding announcements from the old website. There were 88 posts and to manually create a markdown for each would be a tedious task. I first tried using web scraping to collect the posts but it was taking me a long time to come up with the perfect script so after discussing with my mentor we decided to export the current website using xml and then convert the xml to markdown. Now, the problem was maintaining the urls for the previous website. For the urls we had to use permalinks for each post by adding categories.